The Problem with Relays

Why is it hard to find relay boards that are designed to work specifically with the Raspberry Pi? After all, they’re pretty simple devices, right? Well, we can think of three reasons to start: Safety Safety Safety We can also think of two more reasons: Cost Power Let’s […]

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The Problem with HATs

In July of 2014, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the model B+ with much well deserved fanfare.  With this design, a number of shortcomings of earlier models were addressed while additional features were added. The power supplies were made more efficient, four mounting holes on a rectangular […]

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Power and the Single Pi

In the process of writing last week’s blog we got sidetracked from making our power measurements and ended up benchmarking the new Raspberry Pi 2. Well, this week, we finally got around to those measurements. Here’s what we wanted to know: how much power does each of the […]

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Benchmarking the New Raspberry Pi 2

Our Pi2 arrived from Element 14 on Saturday and we wasted no time getting it fired up. The first thing we did was to download the latest Raspian image. Then we verified that our products were still compatible (as it turns out there is currently a problem […]

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