Is Pi-Plates a U.S. Company?

Yes, Pi-Plates are designed, tested, and shipped from our state of the art facility in Duluth, Georgia.


I Don’t Have a Paypal or Amazon Account. How Can I Buy Your Products?

Don’t worry, Paypal will also process your credit card – just follow the links once you are routed to their site during checkout. See the image below if you encounter this screen during checkout:



Which Versions of Raspberry Pi are Compatible with Pi-Plates?

Pi-Plates are mechanically and electrically compatible with all revisions of the Raspberry Pi including the Rev 1 and Rev 2 model B, the B+, the A, the A+ and the new RPI 2. Pi-Plates are NOT compatible with the Pi Compute Module – at least not yet.


Do Pi-Plates Use All of the GPIO Pins on the Raspberry Pi?

No, Pi-Plates were designed to use as few GPIO pins as possible. They require two dedicated pins (GPIO7 and 25) three shared pins (GPIO9, 10, and 11), and two optional pins (GPIO22 and 24). Here is the detailed breakdown of usage:

Base Usage – Dedicated and Shared

  1. SPI Interface – except for GPIO7 the SPI bus is available for your application if CE0 (GPIO8) is used as the device select.
    1. GPIO7 (CE1)
    2. GPIO9 (MISO)
    3. GPIO10 (MOSI)
    4. GPIO11 (SCKL)
  2. GPIO25 (ppFRAME)

Optional Interrupt Usage


Optional Power Down Signal



Do Pi-Plates Take Power away from My Raspberry Pi or Abuse it in Any Way?

No, Pi-Plates were designed to:

  1. Use as little power as possible
  2. Use the correct voltage levels on the Raspberry Pi interface
  3. When necessary provide auxiliary power inputs to drive high current loads


How Do You Ship?

To keep things simple and as inexpensive as possible, we ship all of our products via  U.S. Postal Service Flat Rate Priority Mail. This applies to both U.S. and overseas shipments.


Will You Ship to My Country?

In most cases yes. But, check with your local postal service and verify that they will accept packages from the United States.


What about U.S. Taxes?

Only customers in the state of Georgia will be required to pay taxes on their purchases – sorry, it’s the law. All other U.S. customers are exempt.


What about VAT and Duties and International Taxes?

You (the buyer) are responsible for any taxes, fees, duties or other charges which may be imposed by your post office or other government agency in your country.  Any such charges are NOT included in the purchase price or shipping charge.   If in doubt, please check with your own post office before placing an order.


What Standards Do Pi-Plates Conform To?


Pi-Plates comply with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.


All components and materials used on Pi-Plates devices meet the ROHS standards

Where is Your Software?

All of our Python modules can be installed directly from the PIP Python repository simply by typing sudo pip install piplates from the command line. For more detailed information, jump over to our documentation pages. Patches and many examples of Python code can be found on our CODE page. Finally, you will find a number of code snippets in our documentation. 


What will P-Plates Design Next?

What would you like the next Pi-Plate to be?


Can You Help Me with My Project?

We would love to help you and would be very curious about what you’re doing but we just don’t have any bandwidth available.


What if We Paid You a Million Dollars?

Send us a message on the support page now!

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