Kansas City Maker Faire 2016

This was our second year at the Kansas City Maker Faire and, like last year, it didn’t disappoint. It’s held in a beautiful venue and there’s always lots of interesting people to talk to. We even got to talk with the folks from Hackaday. Check out what they had to say here.


Jennifer Standing by before the Doors Open


Jennifer Demonstrating the MOTORplate to some Early Visitors


The Blues Brothers Were There!


Decisions, decisions… Winding Down Afterwards in the Tasting Room at Boulevard Brewing Company

  1. Can you tell me what DC and stepper motors you used in your MOTORplate demo?

    • The DC motors were small geared down motors from Pololu with optional encoders added. Here’s a copy of the order including the wheels:
      2 x #1426 Pololu Wheel 70×8mm Pair – Red = 16.98
      4 x #2214 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP with Extended Motor Shaft = 67.80
      2 x #989 Pololu Micro Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair – Black = 9.98
      2 x #2598 Magnetic Encoder Pair Kit for Micro Metal Gearmotors, 12 CPR, 2.7-18V = 17.90

      The steppers were from a batch of 5 that we found for cheap on ebay. We lucked out because they had pretty good torque at 5VDC and pulled less than 1 amp per coil.

  2. Thanks for the info! Most of the stepper motors I can find are rated for 12 volts, but can run at 5v. Is that what you expect with the plate, to connect 12v stepper motors?

    • No, I didn’t design the MOTORplate to support a specific voltage. In fact, most of mine are 5VDC which is convenient for testing because they don’t require a 2nd power supply.

  3. Great, thanks again for the info

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