CASEplate Assembly

Please note that the CASEplate has been simplified to only support Raspberry Pi Models B+ and later. For the older assembly instructions, go here.

Included Parts

The following parts should have been included in your CASEplate kit:

25mm Nylon Standoffs4
M3 Nylon Screws8
M2.5 Brass Standoff4
M2.5 steel bolts8

There are different ways to build up your base depending on the your Raspberry Pi version. We recommend that you sit at a table for the following steps since some of the parts are pretty small and can easily disappear. We also want to remind you to keep these parts away from small children since they present a choking hazard.


Pour out all the parts and ensure that you got everything listed above:

Remove the protective paper from each piece of acrylic then attach the four brass standoffs to the bottom plate with four of the M2.5 metal screws as show below:


With the four remaining M2.5 metal screws, attach your Raspberry Pi:


Next use four of the 3mm nylon screws to attach the 25mm nylon standoffs to the base:


Now, carefully line up the black connector on the bottom of your Pi-Plate with the 40 pins on the Raspberry Pi and press down until the Pi-Plate bottoms out on the 25mm standoffs. Use the four, 15mm spacers that came with your Pi-Plate to hold it in place:


Finally attach the top plate using the remaining four M3 nylon screws:


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