The most convenient and logical way to add personalized functionality to your Pi-Plate stack!


  • A low cost yet versatile solution for adding custom hardware to a Pi-Plate based design
  • Mechanically and electrically compatible with all Pi-Plate boards
  • Mates with all three revisions of the Raspberry Pi including version A, B, B+, and R2
  • Multiple boards can be stacked to provide addition area for components
  • Comes preassembled – no soldering required
  • Additional 14-pin header included if B+ signals are required
  • Dimensions: 100mm long x 75mm wide X 11mm high


  • 629 plated through holes on 2.54mm (0.1”) centers
  • Two, 10 pin terminal blocks for fast connectivity to external devices such as sensors and motors
  • Breakout area for Raspberry Pi signals
  • Clearly marked areas for signaling and power
  • Supports a maximum component height of 15mm when stacked
  • 55 pads dedicated to providing 3.3VDC, 5VDC power, and ground to your circuits


  • DAQCplate
  • MOTORplate
  • RELAYplate
  • CASEplate


The best way to add custom circuitry to your Pi-Plates stack.

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