Python Cheat Sheets

It’s no secret that we like Python here at Pi-Plates. It comes preinstalled  on every build of Raspian, is pretty easy to learn, and is extremely powerful. But, no matter how much we use it, there’s always a moment of, “what’s the syntax for that?” or “how do list indexes work again?” In the past when this has happened, we would do a search and have to sort through the various answers and all the comments from the coding nazis. Recently, however, we’ve started using cheat sheets. And once we did that we discovered that there are LOTS of them out there. So, here’s a quick review of what we’ve found along with their links so you can start using them yourselves.

  • Eric Matthes – Eric has an entire crash course in Python available on his site along with a rich collection of cheat sheets. LINK
  • Cognitive Science Department of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – this “sheet” is three typed pages that does a good job of covering the basics: LINK
  • New Mexico Tech – we stumbled across this site quite often while coding GUIs with Tkinter. Their “quick reference” is actually a 162 page document. I’m including it here because it is a very rich source: LINK
  • Unknown – we don’t know who the author of this 2 page cheat sheet is but it is concise and well structured: LINK
  • AddedBytes(Dave Child) – a clean single page reference that isn’t quite as rich as some of the others but is very concise: LINK

There are many many more out there but we believe that the above capture the best of what’s available. If you have a favorite that you’d like to share then leave a comment! So, until then:

Happy Coding and Watch Those Indents!

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